Online-course: International Trade Basics

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About the Programme

The EBA Customs Committee accumulated the most pressing and acute issues that business facing with in foreign economic activity and launches an online-course “International Trade Basics”, which will help to understand the practical components of customs processes and learn to respond quickly to external challenges.

Thus, conducting foreign economic activity requires a considerable set of practical knowledge and experience. At the same time, the modern world requires us to respond quickly to a wide range of issues that arise in the business environment, as well as basic knowledge of the field of activity and the specifics of work. How to make a decision in a new reality, when there is a lack of experience in the new environment?

We invite you to join the course!

Participants will receive individual advice from speakers on the optimization of domestic processes in international trade.

Target audience:

  • In-house lawyers
  • Management


Module 1: Foreign Economic Activity, 29 September

  • free trade with Ukraine (Free Trade Agreement) and preferences
  • origin of goods
  • customs regimes and the role of companies in the international supply chain

Module 2: Customs Value and Classification of Goods, Intellectual Property, 01 October

  • How to correctly determine the customs value and when it can be adjusted?
  • Problems of classification of goods
  • Protection of intellectual property rights during importing goods, customs register of intellectual property rights.

Module 3: Customs Dispute Resolution (current case law), 06 October

  • Practice in customs value disputes
  • Practice in disputes concerning the classification of goods
  • Practice in disputes over customs offenses

Module 4: Practical component of customs procedures, 08 October

  • Requirements for commercial and freight documents
  • Types and features of customs declarations
  • Customs accreditation and existing registers administered by the customs service
  • Customs services are available on a single window web portal for international trade
  • Which is worth paying attention to in customs clearance

Module 5: Restrictions and Safeguards in International Trade, 13 October

  • What is an anti-dumping investigation?
  • What is a special investigation?
  • How to initiate an anti-dumping or special investigation or become a stakeholder?

Module 6: AEO, 15 October

  • AEO status and its types?
  • Benefits of AEO status for the company?
  • Procedure for obtaining the status of AEO, preparation of documents, filling out a self-assessment questionnaire.
  • Changes in customs clearance procedures after obtaining the status of AEO.


 Oleg Kyryievskyi, Managing Partner, “First Chair Legal”

Alexander Lazarev, Managing Director, “Lamarin”

After finishing the course, you will receive certificate of completion.

Registration is obligatory. To become a participant, please, click the “Register” button. Should you have any questions, please, write at Anastasiia.Solomatina@eba.com.ua or call (067) 218-27-19.

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