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About the Programme

The EBA Happy Nation team, together with specialists in various fields of medicine, invite you to join “You are Important” course. Take the time and pay attention to your health. You will have an opportunity to speak with doctors of the highest qualification and learn how to understand yourself better. 


Active people who want to invest time in themselves and take a good care of their health  

MODULE 1 – 18 November 2019 

Hormonal Health & Reproductive Medicine 

SPEAKERS: Lyubov Tkachuk and Oleksandra Hromova 


  1. What should you know about endocrinology and hormones? 
  2. How does endocrine system work during our life? 
  3. How do ecological, social, lifestyle factors influence hormones synthesis systemaspects relevant for Ukraine and world 
  4. Hormontherapy – still scary? Debunking myths 
  5. Career [later] children. Where to put a comma? 
  6. Myths and truths about contraception 
  7. How does reproductive capacity fall and how to slow down this process? 
  8. The role of reproductive insurance – expectations and reality 
  9. Check-up for modern person – what? when? why? 

MODULE 2 – 25 November 2019 

How did female and male roles change in today’s world 

SPEAKERS:Valentyn Kim anf Svitlana Skrynnyk 


  1. Biological and genetic conditions of male domination and what has happened to this domination  
  2. How do economic conditions influence male and female status? And what about gender equality? 
  3. Change of traditional male behavior – from «brutal macho» to «good boys» 
  4. Education for «real» men and women. What’s happening to domestic pedagogy? 
  5. Why do women occupy more and more men’s jobs? 
  6. How does business change women and how does women change business 
  7. Men at maternity leave – weird or normal? 

MODULE 3  2 December 2019 

How to control your health. From tests to actions 

SPEAKER Daria Losieva   


  1. DNA as a database about you 
  2. What is biohacking? 
  3. Blood monitoring, genetic testing and digital tracking  why it is important? 
  4. How to develop a healthy culture and live to 120 years 

MODULE 4 – 9 December 2019 

Office lifestyle – how to maintain your health 

SPEAKER Olga Iliykhina 


  1. A plate of healthy food  different countries 
  2. Ukrainian plate of healthy food 
  3. Office life – what threats can we face?  
  4. How do we eat and how do we have to eat?
  5. Main steps for family healthy eating.

MODULE 5  16 December 2019 

Face of success 

SPEAKERS: Ivan Tsehmistrenko and Irina Shvets 


  1. Types of skin  
  2. Aging morphotypes – different scenarios 
  3. The most common problems with skin during different periods of life 
  4. What cosmetic treatments are needed at the age of 25+, 35+, 45+? 
  5. Basic principles of home skincare considering your age 
  6. Laws of balanced appearance 
  7. Beauty trends in the 21st century 
  8. Modern methods of preserving youthful appearance at the age of 25+, 35+, 45+ ages

MODULE 6 – 20 December 2019

Your health and beneficial microorganisms

SPEAKER Galyna Beketova


  1. Can microorganisms keep up your health?
  2. Microorganisms – the invisible core of human
  3. How is it possible to protect yourself from negative effect of medication?
  4. The impact of beneficial microorganisms on programming healthy full-fledged longevity from birth to maturity
  5. Probiotics – beneficial microorganisms – what is it? Evidence-based medicine and safety

You may find some more details about the course in this PDF file.

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Oleksandr Shevaha
Candidate of Medicine, obstetrician-gynaecologist of the highest qualification, gynaecologic oncologist, surgeon. Leading obstetrician-gynaecologist, gynaecologic oncologist at the medical clinic «ENDOSTEP». Deputy Chairman of the National Medical Chamber of Ukraine on Foreign Relations
Lyubov Tkachuk
Candidate of Medical Sciences, the endocrinologist of the highest category, MBA in Health Care
Oleksandra Hromova
Candidate of Medical Sciences, doctor of the highest category with 25-years’ working experience, practicing obstetrician-gynaecologist (gynaecological endocrinology specialization), active member of ISGE (The International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology) since 2014
Valentyn Kim
Co-founder end expert of PsyFi Consulting Group, expert-psychologist of TV shows at «1+1», «Inter», «Ukraine», «STB» etc., specialization – behavioral psychology within critical and stressful situations
Svitlana Skrynnyk
Certified psychotherapist, gestalt therapist, hypnologist, hypnotherapist. Copyright holder and designer of rehabilitation and social adaptation therapeutic programmes. Constant media expert at Ukrainian prime TV channels
Dariya Loseva
Co-founder, CEO of “My Way DNA Inc.” a successful service that manages everyday meal choices using DNA data. Dariya Loseva is a geneticist, molecular biologist, science popularizer, TEDx speaker and a global science and healthcare advocate. She was recognized among Ukrainian list of 30 under 30 by Kyiv post for 2018.
Olga Iliyhina
The author of the all-Ukrainian project «Healthy nutrition for kids». Lecturer and trainer of corporate programmes on health nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Qualified marketer, experience in communications – 19 years. The initiator of creation, the complier and host of the online course «4 steps to healthy nutrition» in Prometheus platform
Ivan Tsehmistrenko
Cosmetologist, geneticist, obstetrician-gynaecologist, «EuroLab» Personalized Medicine Clinic, The Kyiv Perinatal Center
Iryna Shvets
Candidate of medical sciences, employee of the A.A. Bogomolets, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of NMU. Author of 37 scientific papers, holding 3 patents in Ukraine. Member of the Ukrainian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, member of the Club of Plastic Surgeons of Ukraine
Galyna Beketova
Doctor of Medicine, professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Children and Adolescent Diseases of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Chairperson of the Association of Pediatricians of Kyiv, National Expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on state procurements, International Expert on Probiotics
Oleksandr Shevaha
Lyubov Tkachuk
Oleksandra Hromova
Valentyn Kim
Svitlana Skrynnyk
Dariya Loseva
Olga Iliyhina
Ivan Tsehmistrenko
Iryna Shvets
Galyna Beketova


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