Professional development course for poultry industry veterinarians

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About the Programme

What can you can during this course:

  • The most up-to-date information on the latest developments in the world of veterinary technologies that you can implement in your practice
  • Government Certificate of professional development (108 hours /3 credirs ECTS)


Module 1. Government regulation in poultry industry 

Module 2. Modern veterinary technologies in broiler production

  1. HTS (Health tracking program) – as a tool for monitoring poultry health in industrial production
  2. Infectious bronchitis in birds and effective ways of its prevention
  3. Coccidiosis in broiler production
  4. Infectious rhinitis in poultry. Clinical signs. Diagnosis. Prevention
  5. Veterinary aspects of broiler production without antibiotics

Module 3. Modern veterinary technologies in layer production у яєчному птахівництві

  1. An alternative to antibiotics in the control of E. coli in industrial poultry
  2. Experience in the prevention of avian salmonellosis with live vaccines in Europe
  3. Infectious diseases in poultry that cause immunosuppression. Gumboro and Marek disease prevention
  4. Infectious bronchitis — concept of prototype


  1. Specialists of companies from the world TOP-10 veterinary medicines producers
  2. Government representatives
  3. European experts

Fee — 750 UAH.

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