EBA Lviv Women Club Meeting with Khrystyna Pelenio: Хочу бути healthy!

  • Date: 03/10/2019
  • Language: Ukrainian
  • Time: 17:30 - 19:30

Smakolyk, 5 Mykhalchuka St., Lviv

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Нарешті ми повернулись з новини ідеями та темами для зустрічей жіночого клубу 🙂

The topic of our meeting is “Want to be healthy! Nutrition and exercise: what to do?” with Khrystyna Pelenio, where we will talk about:

  • Fundamental rules of healthy eating.
  • What means the quality of food?
  • What is an ideal portion of food per day?
  • How often should you eat?
  • Why dinner is the most important meal during the day?
  • What exercises does a healthy body need?
  • How to include exercises into your daily routines?

Khrystyna developed a special menu for Smakolyk.

Date: October 3
Time: 18:00,
tea drinking and networking start at 17:30 🙂 
Address: Smakolyk, 5 Mykhalchuka St., Lviv
Pre-registration is obligatory!


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Khrystyna Pelenio
Nutritionist, trainer, fitness blogger, marathon runner. Investigates the process of losing weight and eating healthy. Founder of the Avocado School and programs: moon, habits, fitness camp, #снідатиморозивом, #кориснавечеря, #янебоюсявикликів. Author of a popular Instagram blog. Khrystyna knows more than 20 directions of fitness, run a marathon for 42,195 m in Amsterdam and Rome. Khrystyna believes that any goal achievement goes with habit fulfillment
Khrystyna Pelenio

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