EBA Dnipro Life Class: ENJOYnomics

  • Date: 11/09/2019
  • Time: 17:00 - 19:00
  • Fee:free of charge for EBA members, for other participants: 300 UAH

Parle Conference Center

ENJOYnomics. How to enjoy yourself, beloved, work, life


– What are you going to do today?

– I am going to live, love and create with pleasure.

– And what about you?

Everyone has one big problem: to live in the past or in the future, losing the present and forgetting the most precious thing – to live “in the moment” and to enjoy everything. 

We invent reasons, which in fact do not exist. So how can weallow ourselves to be here and now, and to enjoy life, ourselves, beloved and the things we do?


ENJOYnomics: what is this and how does it work?

NOWology (to be here and now). How not to lose the present?

Successful cases and fuck-ups in practical application of ENJOYnomics.

Basic means of getting enjoyment “here and now”: TOP-10

Volodymyr Naumenko’s method allows you to do general cleaning in your life. 

+ ineraction with audience.

Target audience

Contemporary society: men and women 21 to 100 years old.

TOP-8 why you should visit this master class:

  1. You will learn how to recognize the traps people fall into and how to get out of them: career, relationships, changes, finances and education traps. 
  2. You will receive new knowledge: “how and why do you need to work with wish list”.
  3. You will learn about 10 basic rules of ENJOYnomics + how to apply them in life.
  4. You will receive practical recommendations how to apply option “life like a fairytale”.
  5. You will find out about the recipe of my own “Happiness smoothy” and how to create your own. 
  6. You will receive answer to the question: why do you need to be Original and where do all those fake-people come from?
  7. You will find out how to leave the “procrustean bed” once and for all.
  8. You will start to enjoy yourself, beloved, work, life with ease and smile. 


Volodymyr Naumenko

Practicing psycologist

Creator of the project “ChangerMAN”

Anchorman of the reality show “PoLOVEynky (eng. SOULMATES)” (Novyi Kanal – eng. New Channel)

Author of the book “Women rule the world”, “SOLD: 30 sale instruments for 30 days”

Certified Mind Mapping instructor (Great Britain)

Speaker of Igor Mann Speakers Academy, Center “He and She”

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Marina Datsenko

+38 (056) 731 93 14


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