«El Gaucho» revives sheep farming according to European standards

03/ 08/ 2020

Science and production agroindustrial enterprise «El Gaucho» is located in the Ternopil region. We have been growing crops for more than 10 years: we grow varieties and hybrids of relevant crops for this region. Every year the farm develops in the field of crop production, emphasizes the intensity of technology with maximum yields.

European experience and the dream of reviving sheep in Ukraine become a key in choosing new sector of the household. We selected Merinolandschaf sheeps for breeding and brought them from Austria.

These animals are well adapted to different climatic conditions but to form a healthy organism they need comfort. Thatis why we built two modern farms from environmentally friendly materials. Spacious stables, enough oxygen for breathing and light, constant access to food – all for the comfort of animals! And therefore – good conditions for the formation of breeding genetic material!

Merinolandschaf sheeps are considered to be fine wool breeds. Plaids and blankets, threads for sewing clothes and etc. are made from their wool. After all Merino wool is thinner than other types of wool, 3 times softer than natural silk and 5 times more elastic than cotton.

They are undemanding about food, but for their growth, pronounced fleshy shapes, strong body constitution and high productivity requires a balanced diet. Therefore we sow only specially selected grasses and for increasing the immunity of animals we provide concentrated feed and vitamin micro- and macro supplements imported from Austria. They do not contain harmful substances, growth stimulants and hormones.

That is why sheep meat of «El Gaucho» can be eaten by any age group, it is well digested and is considered hypoallergenic.

Today the farm works with both – wholesalers and retailers.

Video about our farm

For detailed information on purchasing fresh lamb which is delivered by refrigerator to your entranceplease contact by telegram channel @t.me/lamb_ElGaucho

To receive a commercial offer about any area of “El Gaucho” (breeding genetic material, to order meat or to purchase wool) please contact:

tel. +38 (067) 401-49-48

e-mail: m.volchenko@agrosem.ua

Contact – Mykhailo Volchenko

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