EBA Odesa Ecological Working Group

25/ 09/ 2018

On September 25, 2018 EBA Southern Ukrainian Office launched Ecological Working Group. The first meeting was dedicated to “Ecological consciousness in business”.

Kateryna Morozova, EBA Odesa Regional Manager, opened the meeting, welcomed the participants and emphasized the actuality of the such Group creation. So, for the South of Ukraine this is especially important in connection with existing environmental problems. Also Ms. Morozova underlined the EBA Logistics Committee interaction with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, she highlighted one of the last Committee’s positions on ecology issues, namely: the abolition of the need to verify the conformity of the isolated ballast with the standards for maximum permissible concentrations of the main pollutants in the seaport, the implementation of ships’ environmental control and cancellation of the need to agree a working technological map with the Ecoinspection.

In her turn, Oksana Skliarenko, Ecoresurs CEO, told about eco-trends in the world, Europe, Ukraine and the Ukrainian Southern region, which are becoming more popular now. As an example, we have highlighted the features of the green tariff and the environmental tax and how this direction in the state policy can lead to the improvements. She noted the main provisions of the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, which is complementary to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and their impact on national legislation. Ms. Skliarenko highlighted the principles of the green business and described the benefits of environmental corporate responsibility for the EBA members. She proposed at the further Working Group meetings to discuss the mechanisms of implementing the Strategy for Low Carbon Development and the Concept of the National Program on Waste Management. The most discussable topics for the guests were the Laws of Ukraine “On Waste” and “On Environmental Impact Assessment”. Also the participants actively shared their personal experience and experience of theirs companies in the implementation of environmental ideas.

During the discussion, the EBA members developed a common vision of the further work of the EBA Odesa Ecological Working Group. Vitaliy Dankevych, the EBA Odesa Coordination Council Member, UkrEcoProm CEO, summarized the meeting thesis and an activity strategy of the Working Group. Such as:

  • environmental education of business,
  • development of the ability to assess the state of the environment, make the right decisions to improve it, forecast the possible consequences of one’s actions and prevent negative effects on nature,
  • exchange of experience regarding environmental policy of Ukraine,
  • determination of the optimal human and production impact on the environment in accordance with the current environmental legislation of Ukraine,
  • interaction with representatives of the authorities on problematic issues in the field of ecology.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Working Group was unanimously elected by the general vote of the participants. Congratulations to Ms. Skliarenko on a new position!


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Oksana Skliarenko
Commercial director Ekoresurs
Oksana Skliarenko

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