EBA Dnipro English Development Platform

23/ 07/ 2020

Social networks and the Internet have become an integral part of our life, and the last time even more of our time have gone online.

The theme of the fourth EBA Dnipro English Development Platform meeting was Social networking; we discussed what social networks we use, what pluses and minuses we get, whether the Internet makes our life easier or lazier etc.

So, the participants called the following advantages of social networks:

✅ ease of communication with friends and acquaintances, keeping in touch at a distance;

✅ search and retrieval of information;

✅ everyone has the opportunity to spread important message/information to the general public, etc.

But, meanwhile, there is also the negative.

📍 First of all, they noted that social networks are a terrible time-eater: you don’t notice how an hour or two passed.

📍 Also, social networks distort reality in a way: mostly, people post their best photos, the brightest moments, and this creates a perfect picture of someone else’s life – without problems and worries. Also people often compare themselves and their lives with the “ideal” virtual life of others and the result is not in their own side. This causes a decrease in self-esteem and some dissatisfaction with own live.

📍 The third downside is the lack of privacy. All photos, all information posted on social networks, become public and can be used not in your favor. However, here you can decide for yourself: to post or not.

We made a conclusion that, of course, our life is strongly connected with the Internet now and it is best to find a balance between virtual and real life and be able to “filter” the information on social networks.

Thanks to our friend and partner of the project – ESL.

The first summer season is finished 💙 See you in the fall!


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