Business calls for unlocking the registration of disinfectants

18/ 03/ 2020

Due to the enhanced disinfection regime and the implementation of anti-epidemic measures due to the spread of COVID-19, the need for disinfectants has increased significantly in Ukraine. Already, there is a lack of antiseptics and disinfectants in the shops.

Currently, there are a number of products in Ukraine that have passed de facto all stages of state testing and received a positive conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise, but de jure are not registered because they have not been included in the State Register of Disinfectants.

At the same time, state registration of disinfectants was suspended in Ukraine for two years. In 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced a new procedure according to which the function of state registration has been transferred from the State Sanitary Service to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Unfortunately, since then, no product has been registered under the new procedure due to the absence of both a procedure for maintaining a new register and procedures for conducting expertise intended to replace the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise.

In fact, the state registration of disinfectants was blocked without any transitional period. Throughout this time, the European Business Association has repeatedly emphasized the need to unblock the procedure for registering disinfectants as an important factor in national security.

Due to the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19 and the growing need for disinfectants, business is urging to adopt the draft Resolution “On Amendments to Clause 4 of the Procedure for State Registration (Re-registration) of Disinfectants” as soon as possible, which will allow state registration on the basis of state sanitary-epidemiological expertise and provide the Ukrainian market with the required amount of disinfectants during the quarantine.

We look forward to the Government’s prompt attention to this important issue!

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