Business welcomes changes to the rules for installing heating and hot water equipment

10/ 03/ 2020

Changes to the State Construction Norms of Ukraine: Gas Supply, B.2.5.-20: 2018, were recently published (approved by the Order No. 47 of the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine dated February 17, 2020).

Thus, the updated norms remove restrictions on the installation of gas-using equipment for apartment heating and water boiling. From now on, the installation of this equipment is allowed in the buildings with up to 10 floors. Such changes shall take effect from June 1, 2020.

Previously, the norms allowed the installation of such equipment only for the buildings with up to 3 floors (effective since July 1, 2019, and, approved by Order No. 305 of November 15, 2018).

It is worth noting that the business community considered the 3-floors regulation to be unacceptable because it restricted the rights of citizens. For example, those who lived on the 3rd floor in a 10-story building could install the boiler for the individual heating. However, the residents from the 4th floor and above were prohibited to do so. 

The motivation behind such a decision was also unclear. The safety reasons, which were one of the explanations, proved to be false. At the same time, for example, the installation of gas equipment in multi-story buildings in the EU is permitted and is one of the standard types of heating and water boiling considered safe.

Therefore, the European Business Association thanks the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine for taking into account the position of the business and for introducing appropriate changes to the State Construction Norms. This will help the consumers to feel free again in choosing the heating and other convenient equipment for their houses.

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