Business Innovation: ALEF ESTATE and EDIN Experience

24/ 04/ 2020

There is a boom in the digitization of business in Ukraine. Various technological applications, online functionality and cloud services are becoming increasingly popular: chatbots, neuromarketing tools, external specialized software, and more.

This is especially true when the entire business community is testing a remote way of dealing with a global pandemic.

Not only large companies but also small and medium-sized businesses initiate their own development. Accordingly, external solutions should be flexible and accessible to all, but equally qualitative. In the wake of the growing interest in supporting tools for process optimization, the question of the urgent need for their application arises.

Companies are faced with the choice of what to attract for maximum efficiency. Given that time is the most expensive today, most are focused on the speed of services provided, which is especially important with the large volume of data exchange.

The real case for innovative solutions in the ALEF ESTATE business

One of the largest Ukrainian real estate developers ALEF ESTATE in the city of Dnipro is engaged in the creation of commercial, office and residential real estate from their design to commissioning and further maintenance. In particular, we are talking about the shopping center/BC Bridge City, Towers, Bosphorus, Cascade, Enigma, Nasha Pravda, Terra, New Center. During the period of work, the developer successfully implemented a number of diverse projects that became significant for the Dnieper and all Ukraine.

Given the large amount of space the company is commissioning, it is necessary to exchange documents on lease, closure of services, etc. with contractors on a daily basis. The exchange of each paper document can take from 3 days to 3 weeks, which delays the process of handing over the premises to subsequent tenants, and they, in turn, start selling goods and services. In the end, all parties lose valuable time and considerable money.

“We are a system company that works with many clients. It is important for us to have well-established business processes. The untimely transmission of any data leads, first of all, to unplanned losses. The solution we have chosen for ourselves is an electronic document flow, which significantly shortens the process of exchanging e-documents. We work with more than 500 contractors who have joined us with the EDIN-DOCflow service provider of EDIN e-document management. Alef Estate’s innovative partnering methods allow you to store more than 100 square meters each year. m forest, that is, the lungs of our planet. All this would be impossible without the introduction of e-document flow that conserves nature, time for our counterparties, and accelerates cashflow. We expect annual exchanges with partners of up to 500,000 e-documents”Anna Levchenko, Chief Financial Officer of Alef Estate.

Which e-workflow service to choose?

Given the large number of proposals, you need to choose the one that suits the company and adapts to its business processes. Today’s requirements for successful paperless business dictate the need for a flexible business platform, easy integration with any ERP system (1C (BAS) SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, etc.) and ease of setup.

In addition, when exchanging electronic contracts, there is often a need for personal settings: you need to sign or agree documents with only a few people, so that other users of the service do not see and have the proper access, perform only their daily tasks, quickly connect the contractors simply by sending an invitation to e-mail. It should be possible to send multiple documents of different types and formats (pdf, doc, xls, jpeg, xml, etc.) at once, to sign a term contract using Mobile ID technology while sitting in a park with coffee. These features include EDIN-DOCflow along with other functionalities. In addition to Alef Estate, Metinvest, Tarantino Family, System Group and other national and international companies and corporations also work with the service.

How does it work at Alef Estate?

First, it should be noted that many clients are involved in this project. Given the high volume of electronic document sharing and the need for high speed work in a single environment, these solutions are typically integrated into the client’s accounting system. EDIN-DOCflow was not an exception to the rules and was integrated into the accounting system 1C (BAS), which allowed the accounting department to work in a standard system with automated functions. If the accounting documents are not exchanged, then the web interface of the service is used in this case.

Second, the exchange of documents with the tenants of the mall is done in a simple way. The tenant receives a letter of invitation to the mail containing the information and links for registration in the service. It should be noted that invitations are sent automatically from the accounting system. After registration and creation of the company with the help of digital signature, the tenant can receive documents from Aleph. The received documents can be signed by any of the following options: file key, token, mobile ID.

Document processing statuses and signed documents are uploaded to the accounting system automatically, and Alef managers who manage real estate objects work in the web version of the service and can quickly monitor the document processing situation.

Third, the part of the documents sent to the contractors is negotiated with the preset route, if required. Serial, concurrent, combined agreement is used, which can be performed by one user, a group of people, or one user from a group. This is just a brief description of the capabilities of the service and its adaptation to the individual business needs of the client.

Today, there is no business left to work with outdated technologies. Only modern innovative solutions meet the challenges of business owners. Therefore, it is enough to spend your time working with papers, use modern solutions for your business together with the service EDIN-DOCflow. Test the service now on our site.

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