Books That Will Help You to Develop Creativity: Top Choice by DTEK Academy

29/ 08/ 2018

Author: Olga Shapovalova, expert of the DTEK Academy:

  • 4+ years of training experience;
  • Certified Business and Life Coach;
  • 600+ trained participants;
  • Expertise in developing e-learning courses.

Author’s programs:

  • Developing Creative Thinking;
  • Innovation;
  • Improving Organizational Efiiciency;
  • Change Management.

“To generate a good idea, you do not need a dope, a full bath or an apple hitting your head – no special conditions. You already have everything you need” David Burku.

Traditionally, we do not want to get involved into innovative processes and invent new staff. Just like our body’s muscles and joints reject heavy weights without regular training, so it is hard for our brain to go through another brainstorming, especially when deadlines are pushing. Still, even regular practice and training of your creativity will not secure you from facing the obstacles that keep you stuck with traditional patterns and come up with something new.

These are called anti-innovation barriers. They are external factors and psychological aspects that make it difficult for you to generate, develop and introduce new ideas. The most common of them are: constancy, habits and experience, rules and limitations, self-esteem or, opposite to this – criticism, external stress factors and emotional stress.

Most of these barriers are formed by our limbic system and do not allow us to leave the “comfort zone” by trying something new and non-standard. We offer a selection of inspirational books that will help you to break down the barriers and destructive beliefs on your way to creativity.

Marc Levy “Genius to order”

If you keep editing the text again and again, or can not find a decent picture for your presentation for weeks, then this book is just for you. It helps removing the internal “censor” holding good breakthrough ideas.

Michael Michalko “Games for the mind. Training of Creative Thinking”

Turn on creativity, performing exercises that were used by Salvador Dali and Leonardo da Vinci. The book will not only give an understanding of the creative process, but will also enchant you with quick tasks that develop your creativity.

David Burkus “The Muse Will Not Come: The Truth and the Myths about How Genius Ideas Are Born”

The book will tell you how the generally accepted myths about creativity get broken by using some of the tools of creativity.

Hugh Macleod “How to Become Creative”

Not only designers can think creatively. Accountants, gardeners, businessmen, CEO’s and ballerinas can be creative too. 40 short essays will inspire you for creating a breakthrough idea.

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