The agro-sector must be properly presented in the Government

08/ 08/ 2019

The European Business Association’s business community is concerned about the possible elimination of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and its accession to other ministries or agencies (the idea of ​​unification arises in the information space).

The agricultural sector is an important component of economic development and a guarantor of the country’s food security. Today, Ukraine is on the list of the largest exporters of agricultural products in the world. For example, grain, oil and oilseeds remain among the leading exporters of Ukrainian products, and Ukraine confidently holds the leading position on honey exports and the like.

Overall, the agricultural sector accounts for 18% of Ukraine’s GDP, and agricultural exports, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, amounted to $ 18.6 million in 2018.

Analyzing the world experience, it should be noted that the EU countries, USA, China, Canada, etc. have the relevant agricultural ministries. At the global level, there is also a separate organization in the UN structure – FAO. All these structures play an important role in shaping agrarian policy, guaranteeing food security, stimulating development, developing smart regulations, including the efficient operation of business.

Anna Derevyanko Executive Director of the European Business Association
The business community hopes that the new political team will make a decision after careful study of the world experience, weigh all the pros and cons, analyze whether the new idea is really beneficial to the country and evaluate the potential consequences for the industry. In addition, we hope that the opinion of a transparent business will be heard. The efficiency of work, quality of services provided, the transparency of processes are very important for business. And it should be emphasized that in the last few years, according to the member companies of the Association, communication with the Ministry has been really on a high level.

Therefore, taking into account the scope and potential of the sector, the interests of the agricultural sector should be properly represented in the Government as a separate entity. We hope that the opinion of business will be taken into account in the question of having industry ministry in the country.

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