Animal Health Care

28/ 02/ 2018

European Business Association and Animal Health Care Committee welcome the adoption of the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine “On Approval of the Procedure for conducting state veterinary and sanitary examination of feed, feed additives and veterinary preparations containing genetically modified organisms”.

For a long time, international veterinarian companies have been tight waiting for a legislative gap to be fixed on registration of their products. Absence of this order was blocking access to a number of quality veterinary medicines for our agricultural complex, especially livestock sector. Adoption of this order will have a positive effect on the epizootic situation in the country and will provide access to proper quality and needed volumes for livestock farms.

Animal Health Care Committee of European Business Association initiated the creation of a working group for developing of the order draft. Approving process was quite difficult and slow. Nevertheless, we succeeded. On February 15, the Ministry of Justice registered the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food No 178/31630, and we sincerely thank all those involved in this process, in particular the Office of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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