Health Care

19/ 01/ 2018

The European Business Association expresses its positive attitude to the recent minor amendments to the Reimbursement Procedure.

Among the amendments that bring some improvements to the Procedure we can highlight the possibility to re-register the drug’s price exceeding the one indicated in the newly-published Reimbursement Register by not more than 5%. In addition, pharmacies and their structural subdivisions are allowed to complete the sales of medical drugs  purchased before the adoption of the updated Register, during 30 calendar days – i.e. at the prices specified in the previous Register.

At the same time, we would like to bring attention to the need to continue dialogue for the purpose of further improvement of the reimbursement mechanism as well as extension of the reimbursement programme by new nosologies and INN. In particular, it is extremely important for the state to process the problem of different degrees of effectiveness of medical drugs currently allowed for circulation in Ukraine. The same rules for the evidence of bioequivalence of generic medical drugs (according to the EU requirements) is expedient to become an obligatory condition for further inclusion of medical drugs into both the reimbursement programme and the state procurements, with a view to their efficient use. Also, the issues of clear criteria for priority nosologies for their futher inclusion into the reimbursement programme as well as the decisions on the gradual transition of medical drugs currently procured at the expense of the state funds into the reimbursement programme and  those to be included into the guarantee package (medical primary care reforming), remain unresolved as of today.

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