01/ 08/ 2017

The Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some laws concerning the elimination of administrative barriers to export services” reduced the requirements for primary document, and in particular, determined that it contained information on business transactions (Law of Ukraine “On accounting and financial reporting in Ukraine”).

In this regard, representatives of the European Business Association raised the question of whether logistics companies can use invoices as primary documents for the confirmation of economic transactions without drawing up acts of acceptance and transfer of services. This issue was repeatedly raised at meetings with state agencies, which were organized by the EBA, and raised in official letters.

On the 16th of February, 2017, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine provided clarification about the application of primary documents (Letter No. 31-11410-06-5/4339), according to which the duly paid (accepted) invoice can be used in the accounting of business transactions for supply of goods, works (services) without the obligation to draw up an act of acceptance-transfer.

We are pleased to announce that, based on results of a constructive meeting with the Minister of Finance of Ukraine on the 3th of July this year, the EBA received the answer that the procedure for utilizing an invoice as a primary document in the accounting of economic operations is that such a document can be used in external economic activity, because the Law of Ukraine “On accounting and financial reporting in Ukraine” is mandatory for application by all enterprises, independently of the activities that they carry out.

The EBA thanks the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and other government agencies for their attention and proper response to the concerns of the business community.

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