16/ 02/ 2011

Throughout 2010, the EBA was asking the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine to eliminate the negative phenomena witnessed in 2010 in the field of plant protection product registration as well as to ensure compliance with the terms of state PPP registration. Following the EBA’s multiple appeals, at the beginning of 2011 the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine finally ensured fair treatment of original and generic pesticides and agrochemicals in the process of state registration.

Background: Throughout 2010, some PPPs belonging to generic producers, mostly of Chinese origin, passed their way to the consideration by the Scientific and Expert Council for PPP Registration under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine with an enormous speed, whereas other products of originators which paid their state expertise fees and provided all necessary documentation on a timey basis, either did not appear on the Protocol of Registration Council’s sittings or only one of the products submitted for registration per originator was admitted to registration, for unknown reasons. As emphasised by the EBA on multiple occasions, unlike generics producers, originators are committed to FAO Code of Conduct, therefore such limitations were absolutely unjustified. Sometimes about 16 PPPs of one company being a generic producer had been registered, whereas the majority of originators’ PPPs lining up for registration had happened not to be included into the Protocol at all. Besides, for unknown reasons, the legitimate term of 90 days for state PPP registration – from submitting an application until the receipt of a state registration certificate – had not been adhered to.

In 2011, the situation with the state registration of PPPs has improved, the legislatively established terms of state registration are adhered to, and both original and generic PPPs are admitted to the state registration on equal basis.

We are happy to share this success with our members who have been awaiting the improvement of the state registration practices for plant protection products in Ukraine.

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