Grain and Oilseeds

20/ 11/ 2015

Export of Ukrainian agricultural products, in particular, grain and oilseeds, is a key strategic line of business. In 2014-2015 MY Ukraine exported about 35 million tons of grain and took a leading role on the international grain market.

The EBA Grain and Oilseed Committee, jointly with other industry organisations representing grain market players, has been collaborating with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy to ensure smooth grain export and to increase the investment attractiveness and competitiveness of this export-oriented industry.

On 19 November 2015 the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and Economic Entities – Grain Exporters (hereinafter – MOU) for 2015/2016 was signed.

During the last five years the MOU has been setting out clear and transparent rules of the game between the business community and the state. It allows fulfilling both state food security goals and traders’ capabilities to plan export volumes, as well as to establish transparent rules of cooperation with the state.

According to the provisions of the 2015/2016 MOU, the Parties agreed to continue partnership on the grain market and to respect mutual interests. We want to outline that the MOU is an efficient tool to establish a comprehensive dialogue between the state and the business community. This document shall ensure transparency and flexibility of grain export issues that are considered to be important factors for successful export activities.

The EBA would like to extend its gratitude to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy for their efficient cooperation with the leading grain market players of Ukraine!

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