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04/ 06/ 2015

On 27 May 2015 the Government adopted the essential amendments to the Technical regulations on energy labeling of consumer electronics. It has happened due to efforts of the Consumer Electronics Committee of the European Business Association. As a result, peculiarities of the energy labeling for energy products, refrigerators and washing machines are now more harmonized with the relevant EU practices.

Background: On August 2013 the Governmental Resolution “On Adoption of Technical Regulations on Energy Labelling of Consumer Electronics” №702 was adopted. It created a regulatory framework for the application of energy labelling for energy products, refrigerators and washing machines. The Resolution №702 was elaborated on the basis of the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2010/30/EU and the Commission Delegated Regulations №1060/2010 and №1061/2010. At the same time, Resolution №702 required some amendments in order to be fully harmonized with EU legal acts.

Due to the efforts of the EBA Consumer Electronics Committee these amendments were finally adopted. Namely, the requirement to provide all technical documentation in Ukrainian was excluded; the responsibilities between manufacturers and suppliers were clearly divided; the scope of the technical regulations was identified; the formula for energy efficiency calculation was amended, etc.

All our proposals were taken into account in the Governmental Resolution №338 that was elaborated by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency.

We would like to thank the state authorities for their effective and constructive cooperation and all EBA members who supported and contributed to our lobbying efforts!

At the same time, we will continue our activities aimed towards elaborating and adopting the technical regulations on energy labelling for other groups of products in line with EU regulations.

Please be informed that the Resolution №338 will come into force six months after its official publication.

In case you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact Viktoriia Kulykova, the EBA Consumer Electronics Committee Manager: 044 496 06 01 or e-mail viktoriia.kulykova@eba.com.ua.

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