Consumer Electronics

22/ 03/ 2012

Recently the EBA has received an official clarification letter from the State Customs Service of Ukraine explaining that customs clearance of consumer electronics which are not subject to mandatory certification since 1 January 2012 should be completed without any conformity certificate. The explanation was received in response to EBA’s appeal to the State Customs Service of Ukraine on problems faced by Consumer Electronics Committee members with regard to the customs clearance of some consumer electronics.

Background: Nowadays Ukraine is shifting from the outdated model of mandatory certification to the model of declaration of products’ conformity to technical regulations. The list of products subject to mandatory certification gradually shortens and the necessity to receive conformity certificates is being cancelled.

For example, according to the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine “On Approval of the Amendments to the List of Products that are Subject to Mandatory Certification in Ukraine” No. 162 of 25 October 2011, among other, consumer electronic devices, radio electronics and other products were excluded from the list of products subject to mandatory certification. Regardless of the abovementioned legislative amendments, EBA Consumer Electronics Committee members saw cases when conformity certificates still were required for customs clearance of the mentioned products that were not subject to mandatory certification. This situation caused problems and could result in complete blocking of consumer electronics import in future.

As a result of EBA’s appeal to the State Customs Service of Ukraine the official clarification received solves this problem at last. We are happy to share this success with our member-companies.

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