15/ 03/ 2012

Following the EBA’s lobbying efforts, permits for each consignment of crop protection products were not entered on the list of mandatory permits in the area of economic activities in 2012, and hence will not be asked for at the stage of customs clearance of import agrochemicals.

Background: Throughout 2011 – beginning 2012, a major concern of the world’s leading agrochemical companies working in Ukraine was the Law of Ukraine On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on Plant Protection (hereinafter – the Law) effective as of 17 February 2011, in particular articles 16-1 and 16-2 of the Law. In line with these articles, in order to import plant protection products onto the territory of Ukraine, importers shall get a permit from the State Veterinary and Phyto-Sanitary Service of Ukraine, which will be issued after completion of analytical tests of such PPPs for each batch of PPPs to be imported. Given insufficient number of certified and properly equipped laboratories to carry out such tests, lack of skilled experts, absence of state standards for analytical samples and required reagents as well as lack of detailed documentary procedures regulating the process of sampling and testing, practical implementation of this Law (which was to take full-scale effect in the mid February 2012) could cause overloading of certified state laboratories, lead to non-timely issuing of import permits and enormous delays in customs clearance. Thus the entire crop protection product import into the market of Ukraine could have been paralysed.

Thanks to EBA lobbying efforts, at the beginning of the current year, permits for import of crop protection products onto the territory of Ukraine were not entered onto the list of permissions in the area of economic activities, which are mandatory under the Ukrainian law. Hence, importers are not obliged to wait for analytical laboratory testing of each consignment and respective permits thereof.

The EBA Agrochemical Committee is grateful to all the state authorities concerned (such as the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, State Customs Service of Ukraine, Coordination Centre for Economic Reforms under the President of Ukraine and others) for their support, understanding and efficient cooperation in this area.

We are happy to share this success with our members who have been aspiring to prevent such a serious issue, which could have adversely affected the entire the agrochemical sector of Ukraine.

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