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17/ 01/ 2011

In reply to EBA appeal the State Customs Service circulated among all its regional offices official clarification confirming that no additional permits from the Security Service of Ukraine (hereinafter –SSU) are needed for customs clearance of consumer electronics. 

In the mid of December 2010 we announced a progress with regard to the issue raised by EBA Consumer Electronics Committee concerning difficulties faced by Committee members during the customs clearance of consumer electronics. Namely we’ve got an official letter from the SSU clarifying that no additional permits are needed for consumer electronics. Also the SSU informed the EBA that additional official clarification will be addressed to the State Customs Service so that internal customs instruction will be circulated among regional customs offices. However in practice without official instruction of the central office of the State Customs Service, regional customs still requested importers of consumer electronics customs codes of which listed in the SSU Order No. 558 to provide permits from SSU confirming that their products are not considered as equipment for undercover information obtaining.

Now we are happy to start a New Year with a good news – State Customs Service has finally circulated the letter No. 11/3-10.18/17373-ЕП dated 30 December 2010 confirming the abovementioned conclusion of the State Security Service.

We’d like to thank those EBA members who raised this issue and supported us during our dialogue with authorities. In case your company faces problems when customs offices fail with proper applications of the abovementioned letter please let us know and we’ll inform the central office of the State Customs Service as it was agreed in advance.

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