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14/ 08/ 2020

The timber harvesting has been unblocked in the Zhytomyr region

According to the State Forestry Agency, on July 29, the Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the basic forest management materials of state-owned enterprises in 2019, which are coordinated by the Zhytomyr Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting.

The forest management materials provide qualitative and quantitative characteristics of each forest area, a comprehensive assessment of forest management, identify and justify the priorities of the organization and development of forestry, taking into account the state and prospects of economic and social development of the region.

Those approved materials are mandatory for managing the forestry, planning, and forecasting the use of forest resources, as well as furthering the issuance of special permits (logging tickets) for timber harvesting to forest enterprises.

Earlier, the European Business Association appealed to the Ministry of Environmental Protection with a request to approve the relevant materials as soon as possible. After all, the forest enterprises of the Zhytomyr region provide significant resources to ensure the work of the national woodworking industry. It is estimated that 20% of the total annual amount of wood used by wood processing companies is harvested in Zhytomyr Region.

We thank our colleagues from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State Forestry Agency for the prompt resolution of the issue!

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