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11/ 08/ 2020

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has approved updated state sanitary rules and regulations on the maximum permissible levels of certain contaminants in food (Order №1238 of 22 May 2020). Thus, the document sets new requirements for the content of nitrates, lead, mercury, mycotoxins, metals, etc. in food. The new rules are adapted to the requirements of the EU, namely EU Regulation №1881 / 2006.

The Order №1238 enters into force 6 months after its official publication, except for certain indicators, for which an additional 3-year transition period is established.

Depending on the contaminant dose contained in the product, they can affect human health in different ways, sometimes even cause chronic diseases, poisoning, etc.

Thus, from February 4, 2021, Ukraine will have rules that have proven their safety and effectiveness as they have been in force in Europe for more than 14 years. The Association welcomes the efforts of the Ministry of Health to protect consumer health by improving and updating food safety regulations. Business has been emphasizing the importance of these changes for several years.

The EBA experts took an active part in the discussion and preparation of proposals for the draft Regulation within the MOH Working Group for Coordinating the Development of Regulations on Food Safety and Implementation of European Legislation.

According to the business, this will primarily eliminate trade barriers, as the indicators will correspond to the EU norms, in particular, the amount of nitrates in some types of lettuce (arugula, etc.), the amount of mycotoxins in nuts will be regulated and can be imported from EU countries. It will also contribute to Ukraine’s compliance with its international obligations under the Action Plan on implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

The European Business Association thanks the Ministry of Health, particularly, the Directorate of Public Health, for a constructive dialogue and bringing the indicators in line with EU standards.

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