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22/ 04/ 2020

Preventive vaccination goes on during pandemic in line with the official recommendations

In April 2020 the Health Care Committee (HCC) received information on the unexpected reluctance of some Regional State Health Care Departments to continue preventive vaccination for the population in line with the established calendars. The reason for such a situation related to the SarS-CoV-2 epidemic in Ukraine.

By available with EBA information, some special instructions were told to have been issued by Regional State Health Care Departments to hospitals in this regards. So, there was risk that preventive vaccination would fully stop for the quarantine period despite the Ministry of Health of Ukraine’s explanations on the issue and the current legislation. In such a case it would also have not been in line with the WHO recommendations as regards the crisis during COVID-19 pandemic. 9 April 2020 EBA HCC appealed to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Public Health Center of Ukraine asking to ensure that the prevention vaccination goes on to avoid dangerous infection disease outbreaks which would surely have been a result of the cease. As well-known, such a situation already happened in Ukraine in the previous period due to the low level of overall population vaccination and general ignorance in terms of the preventive vaccination need. In addition, the cease in using the state-purchased and supplied vaccines to the relevant hospitals would mean an ineffective use of budget funds. 

On April 22, 2020 the Chief State Sanitary Doctor signed a Resolution No.13 instructing Kyiv and other Regional State Health Care Departments to ensure due organization of activities in order to continue all necessary preventive vaccination actions without any decline vs. the WHO and MOH recommendations and organize due information to the population. For the moment the issue is resolved.

European Business Association is thankful to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and other involved state authorities for the support and resolution of the problematic situation in line with the recommended practices for all countries attached by the pandemic.

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