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17/ 05/ 2019

EBA welcomes official publication of the Law of Ukraine On ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language No.2704-VII dated April 25, 2019 that regulates the use of Ukrainian language in all spheres of public life.

The European Business Association actively cooperated with the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Spirituality in order to revise and improve certain provisions of the draft law. We drew the attention of Members of Parliament to a number of provisions that could significantly worsen the business climate in Ukraine. In particular, we expressed concerns regarding the burdensome labeling requirements, obligation to translate all user interfaces and technical documentation into Ukrainian, etc.

We are grateful to the Members of Parliament for their openness to cooperation and for taking into account the comments and suggestions of the business community that allowed improving the new law and made it easier for business to meet the new requirements. For example,

  • longer transition periods have been introduced for the entry into force of certain requirements;
  • a number of burdensome requirements regarding the font size and the amount of information to be indicated in the labelling were excluded;
  • articles on the language of technical documentation, user interfaces were revised, etc.

We are grateful to the Parliament and involved state authorities for fruitful cooperation and taking into account proposals from business.

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