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13/ 12/ 2018

Сustom clearance of Ukraine-manufactured medical drugs at the Republic of Uzbekistan is resumed

The European Business Association (Association) is glad to inform that the situation of delays with custom clearance of Ukraine-manufactured drugs at the Republic of Uzbekistan is settled down for now on.  

In the end October 2018, the Association’s Health Care Committee received appeals from member companies as regards the problems of exporting drugs into the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Republic’s custom service refused to complete custom clearance of Ukrainian goods, for no official reason. Thus, financial losses of companies gradually increased due to delays.

The Association appealed to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (MinEco) to support export of the pharmaceutical products into the Republic of Uzbekistan. Evidently, further delays could entail even bigger financial losses for the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry.

As MinEco informed Association with an official letter dated 11 December 2018, according to the information available at the Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Uzbekistan’s customs gradually resumed custom clearance of goods from Ukraine, which faced problems. One of Ukrainian medical drugs manufacturers has also confirmed the similar status.

We are thankful to the MinEco management for a special and quick attention to this issue and efforts taken specifically to solve the problem.

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