Electronic Payments

03/ 07/ 2018

EBA has always supported obligatory using of cash registers for all business, in order to reduce shadow cash turnover and to set equal conditions for all market participants.

At the same time, in some cases, legislation does not clearly define the requirements to use the cash registers, that carries uncertainty for business and increases the risks of applying measures of influence by the state authorities.

In order to resolve such uncertainty, the Association has sent a request to the State Fiscal Service regarding the order of using of cash registers in cases when payments for goods or services are carried out only in cashless form.

In the official explanations the State Fiscal Service draws attention to the obligatory using of cash registers regardless of the settlements form. Exceptions may be cases indicated in the Law “On the use of cash registers in trade and services”. In particular, cash registers may not be used at the place of receipt of goods, if the consumer has already paid for the goods and received a settlement document.

At the same time, we continue to work on expanding the list of instruments for registration of settlement transactions, the possibility of using newest fiscal technologies and simplifying the procedure for operations carried out in cashless form.

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