14/ 06/ 2018

Usage of cash registers for entrepreneurs is simplified

For the European Business Association, the initiative of usage the cash registers and unshadowing of cash operations has always been one of the main priorities. For several years, the Association takes an active position in the liberalization of the market of cash registers and promotes the idea of ​​using cash registers by all market participants. For a long time, the business was looking for the best variant of using cash registers, which would be acceptable both for the state authorities and for business.

During this long time, the Association, together with the Ministry of Finance, the State Fiscal Service, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, has prepared several normative documents that should promote the usage of cash registers by entrepreneurs.

We are pleased to announce that today the Government has adopted two resolutions. The first simplifies the usage of cash registers and allows all market participants who already use them to reduce their service costs.

The second launches a pilot project for the registration and exploitation of the latest models and technologies in this field and enables the usage of cash registers to all, without exception, business entities.

From now, it will be much easier to register mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets as cash registers, thus currently the cost of the cash register is from 5 to 20 thousand UAH. As a result, it will lead to unshadowing of cash operations and increase revenues to the state budget.

The Association thanks the state authorities, experts and all those who was involved in the preparing of these regulatory acts, for cooperation and constructive dialogue.

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