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20/ 04/ 2012

As a result of EBA’s efforts the National Commission on Regulation of Telecommunication and Informatisation of Ukraine (hereinafter – NCRTI) approved with its Decision No. 153 of 22 March 2012 the “Recommendations on Amending of the National Table of Distribution of Radio Frequency Bands of Ukraine and Plan of Use of Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine” that considers the positions of EBA Consumer Electronics Committee on the introduction of modern radio technologies in Ukraine.

In particular, it relates to the wideband radio technologies like TransferJet (radio frequency band 4.2-4.8 GHz) and technology WirelessHD (radio frequency band 57-66 GHz). After the recommendations are finally adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine foreign producers of electronics will have an opportunity to import and sell hi-tech equipment to consumers in Ukraine having conducted necessary research and having received relevant permits.

Background: Any radio electronics utilises radio frequency resource of the country where it is used. The utilisation of this resource is regulated by the national legislation. In Ukraine this issue is regulated among other by the Law of Ukraine “On Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine” No. 1770-III of 1 June 2000 that foresees obligatory procedures for the import and the use of radio electronics in Ukraine. The initial step in this process is the introduction of radio technologies into the “Plan of Use of Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine”.

We are happy to inform you that after the long-lasting cooperation with multiple authorities the EBA facilitated the elaboration of recommendations and adoption of them by NCRTI in order to introduce radio frequencies of such wideband radio technologies as WirelessHD and TransferJet to the “Plan of Use of Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine”.

We will continue our activities so that these positive amendments to legislation of Ukraine are finally adopted.

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