17/ 04/ 2012

As a result of EBA Dairy Committee’s lobbying efforts the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – SVPS) prepared the Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Amendments to the CMU Resolution of Ukraine of 9 June 2011 No 641 (hereinafter – Draft Resolution). The Draft Resolution envisages the reduction of payments for certain paid administrative services provided by SVPS and its bodies and is published at the official web-page of SVPS.

Background: with the entry into force of the CMU Resolution No 641 of 9 June 2011 on Approving the List of Paid Administrative Services Provided by the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine and its bodies and amount of payments for their provision members of EBA Dairy Committee faced significant expenditures for paid administrative services due to increased tariffs. As a consequence, production costs were increased and this negatively influenced the prices of finished dairy goods. EBA Dairy Committee addressed the representatives of the SVPS as well as the Prime-Minister of Ukraine with the request to reconsider the tariffs for paid administrative services in order to balance the interests of producers, consumers and the State.

The Draft Resolution envisages, in particular, the reduction of payments for issuance of veterinary certificates of different types twofold. We are happy to inform you about this progress and we will do our best to ensure the adoption of the Draft Resolution which will reduce costs of doing business and thus improve business environment within the dairy market.

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