Taxes, Customs

13/ 04/ 2011

In the course of continuous dialogue between the EBA and two principal fiscal state authorities – Tax and Customs Services – EBA member companies have a unique possibility to raise, discuss and solve a variety of problem issues connected with taxation and customs clearance.

During 2011, representatives of EBA member companies attended a range of meetings with top-executives of Customs and Tax Services, and we hope that this dialogue will continue and develop.

Following negotiations with Tax and Customs authorities, a number of EBA member companies (more than 20) already have partially received the VAT refund, and had their individual cases related to customs valuation and classification solved.

We hope, that this fruitful collaboration between the EBA and State Customs and State Tax Services will lead to systematic improvements of tax and customs regulations in Ukraine.

EBA offers its member companies collective advocacy within Tax and Customs Services by formulating common and comprehensive approach to solving various problem issues. At the same time, should any individual EBA member company experience any pressure from Tax or Customs authorities, EBA commits itself to devote best of our knowledge and experience to support legitimate interests of this company. Therefore, we call you to approach EBA with this issue in order to proceed with it within Tax or Customs service in the most efficient way.

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