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14/ 05/ 2021

The European Business Association welcomes the publication of the draft decision of the NKRZI on amendments to the rules for the provision of information to consumers by radio equipment manufacturers

The EBA continues to cooperate with the National Commission for State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (hereinafter – NKRZI) to develop simple and clear rules for the manufacture, import, and distribution of radio-electronic devices in Ukraine.

Thus, recently the NKRZI sent to the EBA a draft decision on amendments to the rules for providing information to consumers by radio equipment manufacturers (hereinafter – the Draft NKRZI Decision) in order to familiarize EBA members with Draft’s provisions and with proposals to provide appropriate proposals. The EBA Consumer Electronics Committee experts (hereinafter – the EBA Committee) analyzed the Draft Decision and provided to it a number of comments and suggestions. The main EBA remarks were that the introduction of additional requirements for the content of mandatory information for the consumer will necessitate for manufacturers to revise the documentation for products that require significant financial costs and an average of one and a half to three years. Therefore, the EBA Committee proposed to approach each proposed change more carefully. Experts of the EBA Committee held two working meetings with representatives of the NKRZI, which resulted in elaboration of a more balanced provisions, for example, regarding the need to specify the specific absorption capacity of human radiation (hereinafter – SAR) only for mobile phones.

Therefore, the European Business Association is grateful to the NKRZI for its cooperation and taking into account a significant part of the EBA proposals to the Draft NKRZI Decision, which was recently published for public discussion and looks forward to the further constructive cooperation.

If you need additional information, please contact Viktoriia.Kulykova@eba.com.ua, Senior Manager of EBA Consumer Electronics, Regulatory Affairs Committees.

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