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28/ 08/ 2020

Forestries are included in the list of objects not subject to privatization

The European Business Association is pleased to announce that state-owned forest enterprises have been included in the list of objects not subject to privatization.

The Government has approved the respective draft law with a list of state-owned companies banned from privatization at the meeting on August 26. Thus, this list comprises 474 cultural, sports, and forestry facilities that cannot be privatized. The document will soon be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The European Business Association welcomes the Government’s decision, as experts from the EBA Woodworking & Furniture Committee have consistently advocated preventing privatization in the forest sector. Since forestry production is long-term, and the felling turnover (the period of forest cultivation before felling) amounts on average 80-100 years, only state-owned enterprises can ensure the consistency of forest management measures and adhere to the principles of sustainable forest management.

The forest is a national treasure, so the state must be able to influence and control the course of forestry activities, which will be impossible if enterprises are privatized. So, we hope that the MPs of Ukraine will support this decision!

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