Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development

11/ 06/ 2020

On 11 June 2020, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a series of draft laws aimed at stimulating the reduction of pollutant discharges into water facilities, air emissions, and waste disposal. These are draft laws № 3543-1, №3631 and №3632.

The abovementioned draft laws provide a few amendments to the Tax and Budget Codes, as well as other legislative acts of Ukraine, including compensating up to 70% of the company’s expenditures on eco-modernization and environmental protection; abolishing the CO emissions tax; gradual increasing eco-tax rates, except for CO2 and waste disposal taxes, by 20% gradually over several years starting in 2021; and also ensuring the allocation of eco-tax revenues to the special fund of the State Budget created exclusively for environmental purposes.

The draft laws are aimed at reforming the mechanism of the collection and use of eco-tax.

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