Grain and Oilseeds

22/ 05/ 2020

The European Business Association welcomes publication of a draft Procedure for the official establishment and / or maintenance of the status of the place of production or production site, free from regulated pests, deprivation of such status, its renewal and other terms of the official establishment of the place of production or production site.

Representatives of the EBA Grain & Oilseeds Committee have repeatedly stressed the need to simplify the procedure for establishing pest free areas. Appropriate phytosanitary procedures are a necessary component of preparation for barley exports to China. Simplifying the submission of documents for the relevant phytosanitary procedures required for barley exports to China is an important factor in ensuring the uninterrupted export of barley to China.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture and the State Service for Food and Consumer Protection for taking into account the Committee’s proposals in developing the relevant draft Order, which is published on the Ministry of Economy’s website for public discussion. And we hope for further constructive cooperation aimed to adopt it as soon as possible.


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