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15/ 02/ 2018

Imagine a chair with three legs. Now imagine that the legs are only two, or one. Would it be convenient for you to sit on such a chair? It seems that no.

With a constant development of the company: based only on financial indicators, while not taking into account the factors of the environment and not paying sufficient attention to corporate social responsibility, it is impossible to predict the company’s planned development.

The above mentioned statement was initiated by the invited expert of the meeting of the Marketing and Communications Committee in the Dnipro on February 15, Mr. Henning Drager, Global Partner on Sustainable Development and Integrated Reporting BDO International.

The participants of the meeting, together with Mr. Henning and the chairman of the Committee, Olga Zenina, talked about what they mean by the concept of “corporate social responsibility”, and whether such Ukrainian companies have such a practice, and what benefits the business receives from the implementation of socially responsible projects. Find out that CSR can have a positive impact on the image of the company not only in the external environment, such as increasing the awareness of investors and potential customers about the company’s activities, as well as increasing the commitment of employees, attracting the best professionals to the team, etc.

In addition, Mr. Henning spoke about the concept of an integrated company report as a reporting form that would be actively implemented in the next 10-20 years. The integrated report covers all areas of activity: financial and intangible, which allows you truly evaluate the company and its impact on the external environment. In addition, integrated reporting helps to anticipate and minimize potential risks in the future, and this aspect will have a beneficial impact on attracting investment for business development.

Thanks to the current and rich conversation, we thank Mr. Henning and Olga Zenina, and as always, our wonderful Parle partners are the conference center in the Dnipro for the hospitality and the Ukrainian Coffee Company and PepsiCo Ukraine for the treat.

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