Odesa Finance and Taxes

06/ 02/ 2018

The New 2018 Year began with “currency swings”, which increased in the foreign exchange rate.  The sharp change influence both citizens and business. In order to highlight grounds and prospects of that situation, EBA Odesa organized a meeting of the Finance and Tax Committee on the topic: Hryvnia, dollar and bitcoin. What is their place in the currency market?

Practicing trader and financial analyst Vladislav Vorobiov during his speech clarified the essence of financial issues: expected exchange rate of hryvnia, dollar, euro in Ukraine; why the Russian ruble will be strengthened and how does oil affect on it; functioning of foreign exchange markets. Besides, the speaker shared the trader’s strategy, in which he noted the main steps and principles of earning: “Buy cheaper, sell more expensive;  sell at  a high rate, buy at a low cost.”

The participants learned in which currency it’s better to keep savings and what are the prospects of investing in cryptocurrency. Also, conducting own financial accounting, it is necessary to monitor either changes in the exchange rate, their position in the stock market, or on their income and expenses.

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