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01/ 06/ 2017

The ProZorro public procurement system has been working for more than one year already and it has proved its business efficiency. The governmental agencies tenders became accessible for any enterprise. Within this time period, the number of tenders which the suppliers took part in, had run up to half a million. Business has gained more than 100 billion UAH, and the number of the companies that had tried ProZorro reached 50,000.

Andriy Baryshpol, the Zakupki.Prom.uaGovernmental Procurement Department Head, told about the operational principlesof ProZorro as the public procurement reformation system, and also about the procurement types, stages and statutory regulation in Ukraine.

The participants got useful pieces of advice regarding the state procurement startup, tender participation planning, appropriate documentation preparation, submission of bids and right behavior during reverse auction etc. In that way, the key to success is the preliminary plan of action development during the tender and analysis of the minimum.

So follow the chosen strategy and win with confidence!

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