Kharkiv Customs issues

01/ 02/ 2017

EBA Customs Committee was held on the topical and difficult subject of goods classification according to UGK FT. The reason for the great interest is the fact that from January 1, 2017 UGK FT is an obligatory requisite of a tax bill not only for FT subjects but also for enterprises that lead trading on the territory of Ukraine.

The experienced ILF experts Svyatoslav Bartosz and Kalinina Elena told what one needs to consider while classifying goods; how to classify “whole in an disassembled way” and rules for the parts classification; how to defend one’s code with customs and audit and the existing responsibility for incorrect classification.

During the meeting there were many questions and discussions, because, as the speakers noted the Customs Code has large penalties – from 300% of the customs duties shortfall to the goods confiscation with a fine in the amount of confiscated goods.

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