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16/ 05/ 2017

There is an opinion that design is an art which is not subject to analytical mind. In fact, design, as well as mathematics, defies logic, operates according to certain algorithms that anyone can learn having this desire. Today a business owner or a marketing manager should know everything about their job – from big issues to the smallest details. Every mechanism works on common task, so it is important to pay close attention to details to get the desired result. One of these mechanisms is design. It is a clearly laid set of actions that helps business to achieve its main goal – increase profits.

Thus, on April 16, 2017 the EBA Southern Ukrainian Office invited its member companies to a regular meeting of the EBA Odesa Marketing Committee. The speakers were Kateryna Vershynina and Andriy Salamatov, Co-Founders of Creative Agency 4Press. During the meeting participants learned about the evolution of business and design, types and importance of analytics in design and business, three areas of product design and business planning, creative techniques (such as speculative thinking, uncategorized equivalents), methods of their use and where to look for unique innovative solutions and how to effectively use it. Participants discussed a cyclical design and business process, secrets and benefits of analytics, business problems solving using design tools. Also speakers cited interesting examples of design thinking in solving business problems in local and global scale, including repositioning and development of the city of Eindhoven.

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