Odesa Marketing

07/ 04/ 2017

EBA Odesa Marketing Committee regular meeting was held. We invited our member companies to a lecture of Cees Donkers, world’s leading expert, chief urbanist of Eindhoven. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Donkers, his native Eindhoven, that had lost the city-forming enterprise Philips in the early nineties, has transformed from a dying and unprepossessing city into an economic center of the country and an inspiring standard of urban aesthetics instead of becoming empty.

Participants learned about tasks, approaches, challenges, popular trends in planning and design of urban environment, features of Dutch design thinking, problems of the transformation of post-industrial zones, and how to make townspeople, business, government and urbanists to cooperate more productive. Not indifferent Odessa citizens was inspired by the world experience of the city transformation and got invaluable experience for solving urban problems, particularly about activation of citizens.

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