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21/ 03/ 2017

It’s no secret that creativity has become an engrained requirement for any Marketing Specialist applicant. But what exactly is required of an applicant and an employee? How to develop this “creativity?” What are the key components of this concept? What does the science say about this? Felix Morozovsky, Corporate and Business Consultant, Sales and Management Expert, Psychologist gave answers to these and other questions at a meeting of the EBA Odesa Marketing Committee on March 21, 2017.

The Speaker told that there were many interesting theories (Plato’s ideas, indirect Framing, TRIZ, result oriented approach, functional fixation, etc.). Using these theories in their entirety, people could become more creative. Participants took to pieces a standard algorithm of the creative process and learned about the existing obstacles in the work, types and common mistakes in thinking (the Dunning-Kruger effect, confirmation bias, tendency to patterns, availability heuristic). On practical examples guests found that exaggeration was the most common way of advertising, mistakes in thinking lead to wrong conclusions, and that skepticism was the best tool for creativity.

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