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13/ 06/ 2017

On Tuesday, June 13, a meeting of the Marketing and Communications Committee took place. Together with Olga Zenina, Chair of the committee, we discussed the concept of “copywriting” and “storytelling”.

During the meeting, it became possible to find out that copywriting is becoming more common and template. Many copywriters, while doing advertising and writing text approach the concept incorrectly, making a lot of mistakes. Such as a too vivid and not entirely suitable product description, for example: “the most incredible wrench !!!” and “stylish lawn mower” using exclamation points. All this makes us think about the expediency of such a copywriting, and its essence, as a process.

The problem of complexity and the framework of copywriting in contemporary human can be explained by learning process in schools.

In fact, the reader immediately sees the true purpose of the contributor. It is very important to write what you feel, you need to be confident in your product. Even if the product is not the best in the reader’s mind, he will never be able to morally break the confidence that sounds in your text and will ultimately believe in your product.

“Storytelling” is also a very influential part of marketing. But it is necessary to choose correctly what to tell and how. Trying not to knock out or transforming facts that will help to promote the product to those who are forced to form the impression about the narrator as braggart and narcissus. Stories must sound interesting, not to be long, and have content and logical end.

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