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23/ 06/ 2020

Recent events around the world have led companies to face a number of challenges, and most of which have been involved the transfer of business processes online, remote team management and sales. And these challenges are to some extent related to the lack of the necessary knowledge and skills, including in strategic marketing management. We decided to talk about them in more detail at the online-meeting of the EBA Odesa Marketing Hub. In particular, considered why it is necessary to develop an Internet marketing strategy, focused on the use of online tools for companies, and analyzed key business mistakes in working with these tools. Moreover, helped participants to understand which format of interaction in the field of marketing is better to choose in each case. Therefore, we conducted a comparative description of the outsourced marketer, in-house specialist and marketing agencies.

Thus, any marketing management begins with the construction of business processes, and then flows smoothly into promotion (part of marketing), and advertising (part of promotion). If in order, in the first place marketing audit, then there is a coordination of the concept of development, approval of strategy, budgeting and the transition to action. However, in each case, you should take into account the characteristics and objectives of each individual business. It is a well-thought-out strategy to promote the company will allow you to use the budget as efficiently as possible. But to implement the strategy in practice will help online tools for:

  • attracting and retaining customers (digital advertising, promotion);
  • company/team management (task managers);
  • client data management (Exel, CRM, GDPR).

In general, now is the perfect time to start focusing on the development and promotion of companies on the Internet. All external conditions contribute to this. Therefore, we want challenges to become the driving force to scale your business!

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