Odesa Ecological issues

11/ 03/ 2020

European Parliament completely banned the civil circulation of certain types of polyethylene products. This decision is caused by the threat of a global environmental catastrophe associated with using plastic by people. Unconscious daily use of such practical, cheap and convenient packaging leads to the fact that the planet suffers from poisoning with complex chemical compounds. Indeed, the decomposition period of such waste can be from 100 to 1000 years.

To explore this topic in details, EBA Odesa Ecological Working Group was held. Oksana Sklyarenko, Chairwoman of the Working Group, Commercial Director of Ecoresurs, spoke about plastics, microplastics and bioplastics and the consequences that humanity has faced as a result of its using. Participants learned more about garbage sorting, recycling and basic rules that will help to protect against the harmful effects of plastics. The marking of plastic was developed in 1988, it helps to understand what plastic can be used in everyday life and which one strictly forbidden.

Special attention was paid to the Law of Ukraine “On limiting the turnover of plastic bags in Ukraine” provisions. The problematic issue will be partially resolved after adopting such Law on January 1, 2022. In addition, the European Business Association notes that the circular economy principles’ introduction is one of the top business expectations in 2020. According to statistics, more than 93% of waste is disposed of at landfills and only 4.18% is sorted. Therefore, it is relevant to stimulate the reduction of pollutants by industrial enterprises and its disposal in the framework of fulfilling Ukraine’s international obligations and the European approach to waste sorting.


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Oksana Skliarenko
Commercial director Ekoresurs
Oksana Skliarenko

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