Western EBA PR HUB

27/ 11/ 2019

The topic of critical thinking in the post-truth era is more relevant than ever before!

Here are some keynotes from the Western EBA PR Hub meeting:

  • The need for information has not diminished: if you are not watching TV, then you are watching YouTube, social networks video, where there are even more opportunities for manipulation.
  • Thus people spend a lot of time on social networks now, even more than with their families, it becomes very easy to manipulate.
  • Lack of attention increases the inability to recognize the truth, and in fear, people are even less attentive and easier manipulated.
  • Manipulation became a normal and widely spread thing.
  • People are lazy, so if you want them to do what you need, it’s easy to make them do what you want with the help of prepared information.
  • Feelings and points of view have superseded the facts.
  • The expert on Facebook, if more emotional, will convince better than the real expert.
  • There are 270 million Facebook accounts on Facebook worldwide.
  • The truth is what benefits you. Algorithms will compete for truth.

Thanks to Victor Halchynskyy for examples of manipulation and moderation, and Perfect PR for inviting guests, for an interesting presentation and cases! We were also pleased to welcome at the meeting Roman Golubovskyy, the creator of UaReview, the author of many high-profile fakes!

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