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18/ 07/ 2019


Probably you noticed, how friendly and pleasant negotiations are in one office, and not favorable atmosphere for communication is in another. But the circumstances still the same. Or in the store: instead of one thing you bought two or three or completely different, which was not planned to take?

Such atmosphere is created by neuromarketing, which studies the influence on consciousness, the consumer’s emotions and makes him come back again and again. Person continues to believe that this is his/her choice, without noticing the factors that have affected.

Therefore, on the EBA Odesa Marketing and PR HUB Khrystyna Kurganska told more about how the aroma affects on the buyers’ consciousness:

🌸 Firstly, smells help establish a strong association between the product/service and the place where they are sold;

🌸 Secondly, the presence of a pleasant smell in placement prolongs the time being there;

🌸 Thirdly, well-chosen flavor can affect on consumer intentions and, as a result, increase sales by 15-20%.

Participants also learned why aroma branding does not work or works against you, and how to prevent it. In addition, we discussed the most beneficial aromas for one or other purposes, for example: citrus scents stimulate employees to logical thinking and mental activity, and  partners are encouraged to make decisions in negotiations; aroma of wood makes impression of reliability, erudition and deep knowledge. The speaker also provided useful tips, how to create and choose a fragrance and introduce aroma branding in the company.


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Kristina Kurganskaya
Founder and Managing Partner of Ol.factory - Flavor Management Service; olfactory expert
Kristina Kurganskaya


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