Kharkiv Customs issues

28/ 02/ 2019

Economic globalization intensifies international trade and promotes regional integration and cooperation of countries. Preferential access to desirable markets gives a prevalence over the competitors. Today more than 900 Free Trade Agreements concluded in the world and another 100 ones are in the process of ratification and implementation. The arrangements differ by scope and include duty reduction schemas, rules on investment, intellectual property rights, competition policy and access to government procurement market etc.

On February 1, Ukraine became a full-fledged member of Regional Convention on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin. Many questions may arise and need clarification in the process of agreement implementation.

At the event, attendees discussed the Convention. PwC Ukraine Customs Practice Leader Denуs Shendryk presented terms and advantages of Pan-Euro-Med Agreement. Bilateral and diagonal cumulation, country of origin verification, rules of EUR.1 and EURO-MED Certificate issuance caused lively discussion. Vіra Nosova, Customs Consultant, shared complicated practical cases which business faces now. The Deputy Head of Kharkiv Customs Valeriy Ostapchuk commented on and clarified questions in dispute.


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Valeriy Ostapchuk
Deputy Head of Kharkiv Customs
Vira Nosova
Customs Advisor, Head of Consulting Department, ILOC
Denis Shendryk
Senior Manager, Indirect Tax and Customs PwC Ukraine
Valeriy Ostapchuk
Vira Nosova
Denis Shendryk


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