Dnipro Marketing & Communications

01/ 04/ 2019

Who are we? What do we offer? Where? Why? How to do better? – These questions should be answered while developing one’s selling web-site as Anton Voronyuk, the invited speaker and expert of EBA Dnipro PR & Marketing HUB, recommended.

At the meeting, we reviewed the latest trends in on-line promotion, tools, helper sites, issues, and real cases. Also, the expert gave answers to the questions of the participants, for example, how to deal with the negative in the networks: to go offline as soon as possible, not to argue with “trolls”, to understand the person and resolve the conflict; how to increase the number of signers, reactions to posts. Therefore, text is of the least interest in Facebook (2-4%), video content raises more involvement (6-8%), LIVE video is the most interesting for users (10%). In general, the meeting was extremely informative, full of practical tools. We thank the speaker and the participants.

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